Tuesday, 31 May 2016

House of Hope - The Rental Resurrection

WAS RENTED BY THIS BLOG/ Now available again
Maybe you've driven by the property on Leslie St. just north of Green Lane many a time and briefly thought to yourself,

" I wonder what's in there?"

Until recently when it became vacant, I would have said its been a mental health rehab, a centre for youths & before that, Cross- Links for 11 years, providing housing and meds to residents with mental health and addictions issues. At first glance, the old red brick house looks deceptively small, but with additions, holds room for an office and 15 self contained units within it's 8,000 square feet.

CBC dropped by in 2011
The basement, illuminated naturally like every room in the house, has been converted into a dining area and kitchen with additional storage areas and laundry room. Outside, magnificent trees adorn the grounds which stretch back east from the house. Looking to the north you see a wheat and sometimes corn field complete with picture perfect barn. When you've spent time there, a certain serenity seems to envelope you, and it's not hard to believe its been a place for  healing of the minds and souls for many a year. In it's own way, this building has served the community and society in a much bigger way than credit is given - especially when you know the owner could easily have sold such a property for fat profit to developers but did not wish to. In fact it has been his mission, almost, to keep it functioning in a mind healing capacity for people in need of such servicing throughout his tenure. For over 50 years now it's remained a retreat or home of aid of some type. But times change.

Homeless until put to work
Each room has some natural lighting and hardwood floors
Sometimes we incorporates media attention like arranging a CBC story to draw attention to a location to find the right operators and tenants. Hopefully not needed this time!
Separate entry to one section

May 31 2016 - Once again the former "House Of Hope" is vacant but ready for the right "fit" of tenants.


Here are a few more particulars on the property

  • Not interested in selling please don't ask
  • 8,000 Square feet residence building
  • Rent cost is $8,000 month plus utilities
  • Utilities including gas heat, hydro, water, cost approximately $1,000 - $1200 per month when full house of tenants.
  • Water rads heated by gas for cost savings / usage.
  • Transit stops and amenities close by
    • C2 zoning in place
    • Up to date fire code inspected 
    • 8 acres property
    This property opportunity needs to find the right fit of proprietor to make it work. Is that you?

    All rooms with a view

    They used to host lawn crafts sales for years here
    If you believe you are such a "fit' and like what you hear / see so far and interested to set up an appointment for a possible viewing, please contact TP @ 289-221-0928 or email Tom's Top 10

    Windows in every room

    Barred medication dispensary room

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